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Local activities

- Calvary: There are 16 Stations of the Cross in Nyúl. The modern pilgrim needs to visit at least 14 of the crosses in a specific order to complete the pilgrimage. (There are bus stops at every quarter of the path.)
- Walks in Nyúl:
  •   The Kökörcsin path is 10,940 metres long. Its starting point is the huge wine-press dating back to 1880, which can be found in front of the Village Hall and the Church. The end of the path is the “Vízmű” bus stop on road number 82, in the southern end of the village.
  • We can recommend you 4-6km long walks, which show the geological characteristics of the area (sandstone shelves, roads carved in loess)
- Treasure hunt with GPS
- Wine tasting and wine cellar visit at other winemakers in the village
- Cycling trips
- “Fut a Nyúl”, a running competition at Easter
- Szurdik Festival in June
- Village fete is on the Sunday following 7th August
- Harvest in the autumn
- Walking trips to neighbouring villages (Tényő, Écs – through the forest)

Local attractions
- Szurdik is part of the Pannonhalma Landscape Protection Area. The 630 metres long,  50 metres wide and 26 metres deep rain-carved ditch is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. (The  Sárkánylyuk (Dragon’s Cave) wine cellar is at the top of Szurdik, where you can taste Sárkányvér (Dragon’s blood))
- The roman catholic church is at the crossing of road number 82 and Jókai út. The building of the church was orderd by Maria Theresa, and funded privately by her. The plans of the church were prepared by Jakab Fellner, a famous architect of the time. The murals and altarpieces are the artworks of István Dorfmeister.
- The „Maria with her child” statue is at the foot of Szurdik. At the base of the statue we can read the years  1886 and 1701. It is beileved that the statue was built on the request of Mátyás Babich, to commemorate the end of the Turkish reign.
- St Donát chapel is on Kápolna utca (street), which is the extension of the street that runs parallel to Szurdik. The sanctuary of the chapel is from 1710. The mass on the Sunday following 7th August, to celebrate the Saint of the village, is held next to the chapel, at the open-air altar under the shade of  old linden trees.
- Old village houses
- At Vincellér winecellars, there is a plaque to commemorate the over 100 soldiers from Graz, who were taken prisoners in the battle of Győr (Kismegyer) by the French army on 14 June 1809, and were held captive in wine cellars in Nyúl. A brave young woman from the village rescued them from execution and the soilders were able to return to Austria after a year spent in captivity.
- Wine cellars, flats and wood-fired ovens carved into loess.
- Lookout towers and points: Lila-hegy with a geodetic testing tower (313 metres), Hegyes-Magas with a URH tower (309 metres), Zsidó-domb (241 metres), Pojt (239 metres), Gerha (200 metres)

Activities and attractions near by
- Horse drawn carriage ride
- Angling in Ravazd
- Sightseeing flights
  • Sightseeing in Győr
  • Trip to Bakony and Csesznek
  • Excursion to the Danube bend
  • Trip to Stigetköz
- Gliding
- Hang-gliding
- Skydiving
- Hot air-balloon ride
- Go-karting (indoor)
- Motorbike festival in Győrújbarát
- Motor-races at Rába Ring, in Écs
- Excursion by train to Bakony
- Pannonhalma Archabbey
- Napoleon monument to commemorate the battle of Kismegyer (the venue of the enactment plays of the battle of Kismegyer and festival)
- Baroque wedding celebration in Győr (in August)
- Rába Quelle – Spa, Thermal & Adventure Bath
- Zoos in Győr (Füles Bástya, Xantus János Zoo)
- Museums in Győr: Tile Stove Museum, Xantus János Museum, Zichy Ferenc Visitor Centre
- Raft tour on the 3 rivers of Győr
- Boat tour to Szigetköz
- Mobilis – interactive scientific exhibition for people aged 1 to 100

We are happy to assist aand advise you in organising your dayouts.
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